The Man from Eden

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“Creation” depicts the obvious portrayal of a mother and child, but also plays with the idea of the Garden of Eden and DNA manipulation. The magic spark or the missing link.

Lagrimas de la Vida

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DNA Portrait

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Progresión del Estado

“Progresión del Estado” depicts the inhumane cost of life and innocence through the plans and schemes of special interest groups. In this instance, this painting is about the military-backed coup that overthrew President Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973, in Santiago, Chile. Throughout this painting, you will find remnants of involved parties from 1973, like a time capsule into the past, of newspaper & magazine clippings. Also in the painting, you will find the driving force of corruption such as US currency, coins, precious metals and remnants of special interest groups stock certificates. Lastly, Pepsi-cola bottle caps used to blind people of the horrific deaths of the indispensable human through coercion and lies.


This painting “Pillars” depicts the twin towers, a representation of western civilization, supported by a monument that inspires freedom & liberty to those who view her beauty, and the beginning stage set forth by the deep state to bring down western civilization and lead us towards a one world vision dictated by elitist politicians. Throughout you will find newspaper clippings of the day off and the day after the 911 planned attacks. Including stock exchange clippings that make up the twin towers, 2001 NY Federal Reserve Bank notes that make up the flames and smoke, and newspaper clippings of 911 victims names in blood red to signify the deaths of the innocent.