1974 Move to a New Land

A refugee child in a distant land filled with motels and bold colored vending machines filled with delights.  TV filled nights, click click click... banana milkshakes... scary shows... big spiders... the night stalker.

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New home with long halls with many doors filled with strangers and new appetizing smells.

Playing with matches, flaming rug, desperation sets in to hide the damage...  need to find the plant a new home in front of the TV. Consequences...


An exhibition of bold colored rides and games in discord. My first memory of color, my first impression of expressions at the carnival (Pacific National Exhibition).

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Distant but clear memories of child.

Chile 1970 - 1974

My memories as a child are distant, but the images in my mind are as clear as day.

The rustling of the sweet-smelling fall leaves on trees which ran down the dusty unpaved streets of my neighborhood.

The blackness of the spaniel that dragged me around the dusty dirt roads of my neighborhood streets.

Walking down the streets of the market with my grandmother which filled me with a rainbow of smells and colors for her ever thoughtful food which she had mastered... a true chef.

Touching the cold textured plaster wall that ran along my bedside while the rain splashed the rooftop. Patiently waiting for mi Abuelita (grandma) to tuck me into bed while my eyes ran back and forth along the wire that ran to the bulb that hung in the middle of the room. Tucking my arm into the bed preparing myself patiently for the love and nurture I so came to appreciate in my heart.

Memories of a child - Confusion then one day set in... something to this day I cannot forget. My uncle holding me in his arms while he ran down a street, I could feel the scare in his breath while he spoke to me in a stern voice to keep the salt-soaked cloth over my eyes so the tear gas would not affect them. He then carefully put me over a fence and then told me to duck down. Out of the corners of the wet soaked cloth, I could see a tank rolling down the street through the smoke. He had taken me to a student protest that soon was broken up by the militia.

Glimpses of soldiers, luggage, airport... what was happening? My grandmother was getting further and further away... then realizing we are getting on an airplane without her to some distant land... I went into shock... crying out for her... to this day I can feel the scar in my heart of the anguish of being separated from the love of my young life... mi Abuelita Meche.


Born in Santiago Chile April 3 1970

Alvaro Ignacio Barros Auspont was born in Santiago, Chile on April 3, 1970, to Jeannet Adriana Barros & Ramon Patricio Barros.